Handmade chocolate delights made in the beautiful county of Shropshire

About Cocoa Michelle

Hi I am Michelle. 17 years ago my love of baking started with the creation of cakes with a difference this included themed and novelty designs. A few years ago I started making chocolate sculpted cakes, and taught myself how to work with tempered chocolate……which has led to this new passion of mine. Over the past 18 months I have been experimenting in using chocolate in lots of exciting ways, creating many wonderful treats such as extravagant chocolate covered honeycomb, delicious bars, luxury hot chocolate and novelty items. I love making the novelty chocolates as this is a great way for me to express my creativity.

At cocoa-michelle We are conscious about the impact packaging can have on the environment. We have made every effort to ensure our packaging is recyclable where possible. All the bags we use throughout our products are now biodegradable, (except the mega slabs, which we are trying to find a biodegradable alternative) the cardboard tubes for honeycomb can be up-cycled for many crafts ideas……or simply recycled.